2020 Toyota RAV4 L 4WD

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2020 Toyota RAV4 L 4WD

2020 Toyota RAV4 L 4WD The 2020 Toyota RAV4 is bigger, bolder, and more capable than ever-and it makes its debut this week at the New York Auto Show. Although it shares a number of similarities with the FT-AC concept on the design front, the small SUV has been completely revamped, both inside and out, and under the hood.

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Like the Prius, the C-HR, and a number of others before it, the new RAV4 mounts on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA). Its wheelbase now extends to 105.9 inches, making it a set of 1.2 inches more than the outgoing model. The power comes with the kind permission of an updated four-cylinder 2.5-liter engine coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission – or a hybridized version of the same CVT-coupled engine, both available with traction Full.

While the RAV4 may seem more capable-at least in photos-it remains to be seen how it will stack up against some of its closest competitors in the real world. For now, take a look at the brand new SUV against two other worthy contenders on the spec sheet.

The upcoming RAV4 is not only based on Toyota’s new Tnga platform but moves up a size and now sits on foundations more closely related to the great Camry sedan than that of a Prius. An engine is available at launch, a 2.5-liter hybrid producing 215bhp in front and 219bhp traction models in four-wheel drive cars. The CO2 emissions are 102g/km and 103g/km for the front and four-wheel drive models respectively.

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The hybrid engine is very similar to the Camry’s unit, where it produces 204bhp, an increase of 10% compared to the previous engine. In the Camry, it improves fuel consumption compared to its predecessor by 20-30%. This should ensure that Toyota is able to claim the combined consumption for the RAV4 from near 70mpg, with a CO2 production Sub-100g/km by the current measuring means.

In the absence of any diesel model (Toyota committed to phasing out all oil burners before the end of the year), a second hybrid powertrain should be offered after launch, but it is not yet known whether it will be 1.8 litres or 2.0 litres of capacity.

The new RAV4 corresponds to the Jeep Cherokee and the Honda CR-V, respectively. The Toyota and Jeep are almost identical in size, stretching to almost the same length (180.9 vs. 182), Width (73 vs. 73.2), and height (66.9 vs. 66.2). The CR-V, too, is closely comparable to the new RAV4 in overall size and shape-but unlike the Jeep, the Honda is more focused on the efficiency and driving of the city than the off-road prowess. With this in mind, the RAV4, seems to be a perfect compromise of both… at least on paper.

Unfortunately, Toyota has not yet released all the performance figures for the new RAV4 right away. We know that the SUV will come standard with a 2.5-liter engine, with an optional 2.5-liter hybrid. An eight-speed automatic transmission will be coupled to the regular combustion unit, whereas the hybrid will be with a CVT. Full traction is also available.

The RAV4, the Cherokee and the CR-V all use four-cylinder-like engines. The only one of the three that even offers a V6 option is the Jeep. Depending on how you spec – Standard or hybrid combustion – the RAV4 offers both standard automatic transmission or CVT. If you are looking to pick up the Cherokee or CR-V, you are stuck with either a gearbox or the other.

Along with its new rugged look, the RAV4 also offers an optional integral drive system, as well as the CR-V and Cherokee. The Jeep Cherokee is the only one that can be had with a true Trailhawk all-terrain package, however, manufacturing is arguably the most capable of the three-at least in an off-road setting.

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2020 Toyota RAV4 L 4WD

In terms of pricing, we will not know how much the new RAV4 costs until closer to its release date. Looking at the chart below, however, it’s easy to guess that the basic model will start somewhere a little over $20, with more and more spec trims like Adventure and Limited models costing closer to $30, 000. The most expensive Cherokee comes close to $40 000, but we don’t expect the RAV4 range-topping to be as expensive.