2023 Toyota Land Cruiser: New Land Cruiser Full-Size Luxury SUV Review

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2023 Toyota Land Cruiser SUV will look very much like the current one. Well, that’s if the spy images of the Land Cruiser 300 series that recently surfaced on social media sites are to be believed. Admittedly, the evolutionary styling of Toyota’s latest iteration of its flagship SUV comes as a minor surprise. After all, the basic design of the big box has remained the same for decades.

It is hoped that the update that has occurred on the Land Cruiser will give us a better idea of ​​what to expect from the Toyota 4×4, including redesigned front and rear, as well as the interior. While the latest Land Cruiser appears to retain the bulky stature and box of the current 200-series model, it appears to adopt more modern design details. Better yet, the styling of the next-generation SUV looks more cohesive.

The mug credits neatly combine the Land Cruiser headlight decor with the large grille, as well as the taillights that blend more in with the vehicle’s beautiful rear thighs.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Review

In the New 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser, we expect significant changes with a body-on-frame construction for up to three rows of seats and a petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain built around the turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. This could be the same system offered in the new Tacoma models though keep in mind this is pure speculation.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser

The interior that is presented also provides a visual change that will differentiate the GX and Land Cruiser, so we assume that Toyota will offer an interior that is not too classy compared to the Lexus model.

It is still a mystery whether this new model will wear the Land Cruiser nameplate or will be launched as the Land Cruiser Prado. Because the earlier models all received the “Prado” suffix, it might be a moot point if there wasn’t a regular Land Cruiser to tell the difference.

On the other hand, Toyota seems to be discussing more and more detailed points in the coming months. Although an official timeline for the return of the Land Cruiser is not available, we are sure we will see it in 2024.

Last year, there were rumors that Toyota had so many orders for the new Land Cruiser that it had to wait four years to meet the current demand. Now, the automaker confirmed the long wait by placing an apology on the Japanese site for the SUV.

Here’s a translation of the message: “Thank you very much for considering and ordering our vehicle. The Land Cruiser has been very well received in Japan and around the world. We sincerely apologize that it will take so long to ship the Land Cruiser to you once you have ordered it. We sincerely apologize for this.

Just a few months after the launch of the new Land Cruiser, Toyota has reported that there is so much demand that the waiting time will be around a year. Since then, more and more people have expressed interest in the new SUV.

The new Land Cruiser is not coming to America. With four years of demand, it doesn’t seem like the company has much incentive to change that decision. However, the Lexus LX goes on sale in the US in the first quarter of 2022.

If you want to go off-road, then the F Sport Handling class is the model to try. For $102,845, it has a Torsen limited-slip rear differential, different tuning for the dampers, rear stabilizer, forged 22-inch wheels, and different front and rear fascia from the other versions.

At the top of the range, there is the Ultra Luxury class. It only has four seats as the two people in the back sit in the large captain’s seat with 43 inches of legroom. The seat uses urethane to absorb vibrations and provide more comfort for the people behind.

All grades of the LX 600 come with a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 that produces 409 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. The gearbox is a 10-speed automatic that runs to a full-time four-wheel-drive system.

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Toyota Land Cruiser Downsizing or Powersizing?

A key element of the Land Cruiser redesign was the radical change to the powerplant – no more V8s here. Before the diesel model appeared, the Land Cruiser would arrive in Mother Russia with a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 direct injection engine. But high-end engines are still a thirsty thing, gobbling up premium fuel by leaving greedy. Where the Land Cruiser 200 sucks up 15 to 20 liters of gasoline every 100 kilometers, the Land Cruiser 300 is no better. Even the addition of a ten-speed automatic couldn’t save the new model.

Of course, two V6 turbochargers aren’t all about efficiency, really. And every dollar, yen, or ruble Toyota invests in this engine pays off when it comes to motivating the 2.5-ton SUV. With 479 pound-feet of torque at just 2,000 rpm, the Land Cruiser can leap forward quickly, humiliating the smaller “sportier” crossover with a 6.8-second sprint to 62 miles per hour.

Regardless of the speed limit, the Land Cruiser will happily lunge at him at breakneck speed. There’s some serious performance for a full-size SUV, and we wouldn’t recommend bragging to traffic cops about it. And if performance isn’t enough, the new LC comes with two Sport modes – the bottom line is that you wouldn’t expect sudden and brutal acceleration from a suitcase-like SUV.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser Comfort +

  • ENGINE Twin-Turbocharged 3.5-liter V6
  • OUTPUT 409 Horsepower / 479 Pound-Feet
  • TRANSMISSION 10-Speed Automatic
  • DRIVE TYPE Four-Wheel Drive
  • SPEED 0-62 MPH 6.8 Seconds
  • EFFICIENCY 19.4 MPG Combined
  • WEIGHT 5,700 Pounds (est)
  • CARGO VOLUME 32.1 Cubic Feet
  • TOWING 7,700 Pounds
  • BASE PRICE $76,336
  • AS-TESTED PRICE $94,310

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Changes

Bigger changes, however, appear to be coming in the cabin of the new Land Cruiser. While the current Land Cruiser has a dashboard design with an upright center stack, the new one appears to incorporate a tilting arrangement that puts the SUV’s infotainment and climate control within easier reach for the driver.

As with other Toyota products, the large infotainment screen protrudes from the top of the pile. The switch to pull off a variety of off-road toys seems to confirm the Land Cruiser 300-series won’t lose out on its predecessor’s off-road capabilities. In fact, we bet this Land Cruiser will only enhance the off-tarmac competence of the current model.

Unfortunately, it seems we Yanks may not want to get too excited about the new 300-series Land Cruiser, as Toyota doesn’t seem to have any immediate plans to ship it to our shores.

Nevertheless, the luxury SUV counterpart with the Lexus badge, the LX, will still be making its way to America. While the 300-series-based LX will likely sport a very different styling from the new Land Cruiser (both inside and out), the Lexus SUV still has to retain much of the off-road kit from its Toyota kin as well as essential proportions.

Whether Lexus satisfies our off-road cravings by offering the next LX with an off-road package that adds protruding tires and possible changes to the front and rear fascia to improve the SUV’s approach and departure angle remains a mystery. Still, we can dream.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Redesign

The design is familiar but with some noticeable adjustments. A recent spy shot captured the body-in-white of what appears to be the next-generation Toyota Land Cruiser. Now, renderings from Kolesa envision what the new SUV would look like in road-ready form with elements like the grille, glass and trim.

As the comparison below shows, Toyota is not delivering a revolutionary design update on the next-generation Land Cruiser. Familiar grille but with new headlights. At the rear, the D-pillar now has an upward-facing notch, not the boxier look of the current model.

On the back, the changes are just as subtle. There’s another good view of the new D-pillar. The taillights have a more angular look, and the hatchback has a more sculpted look.

The next-generation Land Cruiser uses the same frame as the existing model, which explains the design similarities. Toyota engineers plan to update the drivetrain and suspension to keep the SUV competitive in a crowded market.

The new Land Cruiser is reportedly dropping its current V8 engine in favor of the three factory-available V6s. There will be a 3.5-liter twin-turbo engine, a hybrid variant of this powerplant, and some markets will have the option of a 3.3-liter turbodiesel.

Toyota plans to position the new Land Cruiser as a luxury SUV and more as a true off-roader. This may mean that the price will drop slightly from the current initial cost of around $85,000.

A rumor suggests the new Land Cruiser could debut in April 2021. However, the SUV will probably take a year off in the US, so it probably won’t arrive there until at least the 2023 model year.

The new Land Cruiser will not spawn a Lexus variant to replace the LX. In exchange, the premium brand will get a new three-row crossover with a unibody chassis for an improved ride. Although, there will also be a separate, rugged halo model that the automaker will sell in low volumes.

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The 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Leaked

Rumors suggest that the 300-series SUV will offer a twin-turbo 3.5L V-6 and a hybrid variant, but we’re not sure if that will come to America.

Leaked images have surfaced online of the new Toyota Land Cruiser SUV, via CocheSpias.net. This will be the next-generation 300 series off-roader, and it appears to have a more modern exterior. We don’t know if this Land Cruiser will make its way to the US market, but it’s possible the next-generation Lexus LX will be similar.

These leaked images are meant to show the new generation of the Toyota Land Cruiser SUV. Appearing on CocheSpias.net, these photos show that the new 300-series model will have a more modern front look but the same overall shape as the current 200-series SUV.

There are still questions about the future of the Land Cruiser in the US, as the nameplate was discontinued after the 2021 model year and rumors suggest it’s unlikely to return—at least in its current position. It’s possible that the only next-generation version of the Land Cruiser we got was the Lexus-badged version, called the LX. The fancier version has already sold more than its Toyota stablemate in the US and costs almost no more.

We haven’t seen any spy photos or leaked images of the next-gen LX yet, but it will definitely showcase its own distinct exterior styling with the Lexus spindle grille.

Both the Land Cruiser 300-series and the new LX will likely get new powertrains including the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 found in the Lexus LS and its eventual hybrid derivative. A powerful four-wheel drive system and plenty of off-road goodies are sure to be included.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Report

The new 2023 Toyota Landcruiser 300 Series and Prado won’t be as dramatically different in size as today’s cars, but both will have longer wheelbases according to a new report from Japan. BestCarWeb reports the Series 300, due for launch this year, will measure 4980mm wide and 1980mm with a 2900mm wheelbase.

In contrast, the current Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series is 4990mm long and 1980mm wide, and the wheelbase is 50mm shorter.

The minimum ground clearance is 225mm. The 300 series is expected to be released in Japan this May, although it is still possible that the coronavirus-related supply issues could push the launch date further. The next-generation Toyota LandCruiser Prado is expected to arrive two years later during our winter season, although previous reports suggest it will launch in 2022.

It is likely to be 4825mm long, 1885mm wide and 1835mm high at a wheelbase of 2840mm, with a minimum ground clearance of 220mm. The current car is also 4825mm long with a flat tailgate option and an identical 1885mm wide, though 50mm taller, and has a 60mm shorter wheelbase.

The Prado’s current 2.8-liter turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine will now be carried, according to the report, with four 2.7-liter naturally aspirated petrol continuing to be available in other markets. The Prado will also continue to use a six-speed automatic transmission, as will the larger LandCruiser.

The turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder hybrid will reportedly arrive about 12 months after its initial launch. Inside, the 300 Series will have a choice of a two-row, five-seat interior layout and a three-row, eight-seat layout.

Technology will be significantly upgraded, with a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system and the latest Toyota Safety Sense active safety technology suite. Prices will increase by 500,000 yen in Japan, which is equivalent to a A$6237 price increase. Orders have been closed for Series 200 in Japan as Series 300 awaits in plain sight.

Both the LandCruiser 300 and Prado Series will use the new TNGA-F body-on-frame architecture that will also be featured on the next-generation Tundra pickups. Recent reports indicate that the LandCruiser 300 Series’ new 3.3-liter turbo-diesel engine will have four cylinders, half the amount of turbo-diesel in current cars.

Both the 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engines will be mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. A 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 hybrid is expected to follow a few years later with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

The current LandCruiser 200 Series is powered by a 4.5 liter twin-turbocharged V8 diesel engine that produces 200kW of power and 650Nm of torque. The most powerful four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine currently in Toyota’s arsenal is the 2.8-liter upgrade that was fitted to last year’s LandCruiser Prado. Produces 150kW of power and 500Nm of torque.

A report from carssales.com.au in March suggested that there would be a delay in the market launch of the next-generation Land Cruiser Prado in Australia, where the car has a strong following.

A source familiar with developments said the redesigned model was “at least two more years away” from the region. With the launch time in Australia affected, Toyota Motor may also delay the market release in New Zealand.

Sources revealing the deferred launch talk about the design of the model. The exterior will not resemble the RAV4, as several automotive magazines have represented recently.

Toyota had to maintain its globally recognized off-roader design identity, and giving crossover outfits made no sense for this reason. Toyota’s crossover lineup has grown tremendously since the Prado came out in 2009, and if anything, manliness will rise in the new generation.

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2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

According to reports from Japan, the next-generation Toyota Land Cruiser Prado will launch in late 2022 with a hybrid electric drive, one year later than the larger Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series.

According to the Japanese version of Best Car, the fifth-generation Toyota Prado is currently in development and will bring a new look, new engine, and more technology.

The Prado is Australia’s best-selling large SUV. The new version will be delayed for approximately 12 months after the launch of Toyota’s flagship four-wheel drive model LandCruiser 300 series for practical reasons. -Conducting global tests on issues complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. And related travel restrictions.

According to a recent report, the upcoming seven-seater Toyota LandCruiser Prado will use the same TNGAF platform architecture as the 300 series and provide new engines including a 2.5-liter petrol-electric hybrid system.

The Prado’s current 2.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine (150 kW/500 Nm) was recently upgraded as part of the four-wheel drive life upgrade, which will be delivered to dealers this month.

However, this engine plagued by various issues will likely be replaced with a newer and cleaner turbo diesel engine.

It’s unclear whether the Prado will use the new turbocharged V6 diesel engine, which will power the LandCruiser 300 series and produce at least 200 kW and 650 Nm of torque.

While the new Prado retains the rugged traditional trapezoid frame chassis, this replacement brings several safety and technology improvements.

This will be expanded to include many new advanced driving systems that support road driving, acceleration, and braking, as well as more advanced communication and infotainment systems.

This ensures that the popular 4×4 SUV maintains stable off-road performance and significant traction thresholds while maintaining its seven-seater layout. shows a completely new design, described as more aggressive than the LandCruiser 300.

The first three generations of the LandCruiser Prado (J70, J90, J120) have a seven-year life cycle, and the current fourth-generation Prado (J150) launched in Australia in late 2009 and has a history of more than ten years.

When the fifth-generation Toyota Prado will launch in Australia remains unclear, but if the Japanese report is correct, it may not be until 2023.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 250

As the new LandCruiser 300 series is ready to launch, the next four-wheel drive car on Toyota’s calendar is the LandCruiser Prado. We show appearance . The Toyota LandCruiser Prado 150 series has been around for 12 years and is ready for upgrades.

A few days, if not hours before Toyota launches the larger LandCruiser 300 series, we’ve already seen the Cruiser sibling take shape. Just like the previous 300 series, until the name of the next series, we still don’t know the next Prado. For some reason, we call it the 250 series, but numerically, it could be anything.

He may be following the LandCruiser for at least 12 months, but it looks like the next Prado will be on display in mid-2022. Sales are slated to resume later this year.

As Toyota has a very strong tradition of keeping the Prado recognizable as the Prado, the 250 series is expected to use some of the 150 design elements inherited from the previous version.

The pride of this theme is the vertical grille used in every Prado since the 1990s series appeared in Australia in 1997. Although the radiator grille was replaced with horizontal bars in the mid-term update 95, the 120 series continued to spread. Vertical theme. … come back and stay.

In the 250 series look, a vertical radiator grille is mounted on the 300 series body, with wider flat headlamps on either side. As a member of the Land Cruiser family, the Prado may still look like that family.

The overall profile of the new Prado is simpler, but still thicker. More energetic than ever, but with the protection of a sturdy box, the next Prado is unlikely to stop its current owner from harvesting.

Through the raised rear window and the large D-pillar shape, you can better understand the family history, including the tall taillights adapting to the pillar angle, and drawing on design features from years of Prado experience.

The overall dimensions seem to be close to the current model: According to Japanese media, the value of the new Prado does not exceed 510 mm, which is almost indistinguishable from the old model.

Rumors circulated about what was hidden beneath the smooth new surface: From various sources, the new Prado just wasn’t enough. At least for now. Prado Performance

is expected to surpass the 300 series trapezoid frame variant, which is part of Toyota’s new global architecture series and is likely to be called TNGAF. However, the model, which suggests that the Prado will not lose its current off-road performance, may inherit some of the new electronics expected in the 300 series, including the power electronic dynamic suspension (eKDSS) and an upgraded off-road system. …road driving mode. Model

The difference between the Prado and the 300 series is the engine. It now looks like the larger model will be equipped with a new LandCruiser six-cylinder diesel engine and a hybrid petrol V6. On the other hand, the Prado 250 series seems to have equipped the current “1KD” 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine.

With recent modifications increasing power to 150 kW and 500 Nm, Toyota’s conservative traditional engine tuning is unlikely to make much progress, although there may still be room for performance adjustments, savings, and improvements.

For the Australian market at least, the 2.8-liter diesel has been the only engine option for some time, although four-cylinder petrol and V6 engines can still be used in overseas markets.

It seems possible to replace some gasoline engines with a hybrid configuration when switching to a new model. First, consider a 2.5 to 2.7-liter motor paired with at least one motor.

It remains to be seen whether it will be used in conjunction with an eCVT drive system like Toyota’s small SUV, or whether it will use an all-electric traction system for a single axle like the RAV4 and Kluger eFour all-wheel drive systems. More details will be announced as the next-generation Prado is developed. There’s still a lot to print before the new Prado goes on sale.

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Toyota Land Cruiser Feature

Toyota could provide many of the new features of the upcoming Land Cruiser 300 in a smaller SUV. Such as sequence indicators (front and/or rear), removable tailgate, 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system, wireless Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto radio system, 3D MultiTerrain monitor + panoramic monitor, electric parking brake, and Toyota Safety Sense (v2). .0) or higher) may apply to the next-generation Land Cruiser Prado.

In addition, the new Prado can provide even more convenience with a wireless charger and USBC connection for smartphones. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado J150

received updates on the Japanese market on June 1, 2021, during the last (or penultimate) intervention. The changes made in this update will help keep the model fresh until the next generation is born. Toyota Land Cruiser 2023 is also expected to enter a new market segment.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Specs

The 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser is expected to retain the design of the grille, bumper, headlights, and tailgate, but the 19-inch alloy wheels are redesigned. According to a report by creative311.com, Toyota reduced the body colors from nine to five: pearl crystal luster white, black, attitude biotite, red mica metal, and avant-garde bronze metal. Super White II, Silver Metallic, Gray Metallic, and Blackish Ageha Glass Flake are the discontinued color options.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Interior

The interior design of the Toyota Land Cruiser 2023 remains unchanged, which is uncertain. However, it is rumored that the interior of the third row of seats has been changed from leather to synthetic leather. They say they will get a new design, but it has not been confirmed.

Customers with black paint or Attitude Black Mica can no longer opt for beige interiors. Intelligent Sonar (ICS) is standard equipment today.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 70th Anniversary Edition Model

Toyota launched a special edition Land Cruiser Prado 70th Anniversary Limited in Japan. The special edition Prado LC is priced at 4,290,000,5118,000 yen (38,92646,439 yen).

Based on the TX L equipment package, the 70th Anniversary Limited delivers a unique design, including a black radiator grille, black radiator grille, jet black headlight surrounds, black fog lamp covers, black 18-inch alloy wheels, characteristic black roof stringer, black ORVM, and anthracite black tailgate trim. The 70th-anniversary badge can be customized at the dealer level for 23,100 yen (210 USD). Model

Particular attention is paid to the noble materials and promising leather interior and silver instrument panel. You can choose to add a black mat with the 70th-anniversary logo at the dealer level for an additional 35,200 yen ($319).

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2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Despite global emission norms getting stricter every year and increasing government pressure on manufacturers to launch EVs, some fuel-intensive off-roaders are sticking around.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser

That’s at least the Toyota SUV that can be carried everywhere, the Toyota Prado and Toyota Land Cruiser. According to a report from the Japanese automotive magazine bestcarweb.jp, the company plans to update its iconic smaller 4×4 SUV for the next generation.

The Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Prado will retain their legacy of body-on-frame die-hard SUVs. However, they will move to Toyota’s TNGA modular platform, which underpins most of the new Toyota models on the market. Toyota has engineered a new version of TNGA called TNGA-F for its upcoming large SUV and pickup.

The next-generation Toyota Prado 2023 will have a “clean exterior design”, says Best Car magazine.

The possibilities for the 3-door version look slim, while the 5-door version is estimated to be 4,825 mm long, 1,885 mm wide and 1,830 mm high and has a wheelbase of 2,790 mm. For reference, the current model (5-door version) has the same dimensions except for the height (1,835 mm/1,850 mm).

The seating options will be the same as the current model – 5- and 7-seater. The big news is that the All-New Toyota Prado will be available with a new parallel hybrid powertrain consisting of a 2.7-liter petrol engine and an electric motor.

Customers can also opt for an improved version of the 1GD-FTV 2.8 liter diesel engine, which produces 150 kW (204 PS/201 hp) and 500 Nm in the current model.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser Debut

It is no exaggeration to say that the Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the most respected nameplates in the automotive world.

It’s also one of the oldest models still on the road. The J200 of today’s generation Land Cruiser entered production way back in 2007 – and has poor fuel economy to prove it.

Thankfully, the all-new Land Cruiser 300 Series has just arrived. We have a constant stream of reports and rumors spreading across the continent, while Toyota doesn’t talk about this issue at all.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Release Date

Currently, the fourth-generation 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado came out in September 2009 and has received two facelifts so far. The all-new fifth-generation Toyota Prado would ideally debut in early 2022, but that may not be the case, according to a report from bestcarweb.jp.

The report shows that Toyota has many new SUV/MPV programs due for release in 2022, such as the next-generation Noah/Voxy/Esquire in March, the Crown SUV in the middle of the year, and the next-generation Alphard/Vellfire in the second year. half year.

The report says that the “best time” for the next-gen Prado is around August-September 2023. However, dealer sources creative311.com still suggest a 2022 launch. To be sure, the debut won’t be before mid-2022, and the hybrid variant will probably arrive much later. launching.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Price

The price of the new 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado ranges from USD 34,264 to USD 51,295. CarSales Australia speculates that the Prado Hybrid will use a smaller 2.5L petrol engine. Expect clarity to emerge on the powertrain later this year.

Toyota doesn’t sell the Prado in the US, and likely won’t change its mind in the next generation. What the Prado update means to Americans is the possibility of the Lexus GX staying in the showroom for the next generation.


The 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser is a remarkable SUV that blends power, luxury, and versatility into one exceptional package. With its impressive specs, refreshed design, refined interior, and advanced technology, the Land Cruiser sets a new standard in its class. Whether you seek thrilling off-road adventures or a comfortable and stylish daily driver, this iconic vehicle delivers on all fronts. While it may come with a premium price tag, the 2023 Land Cruiser is a worthwhile investment for those who demand the best.

Thanks for reading, we’ll be updating more on the 2025 Toyota RAV4 SUV soon, so be sure to bookmark our Toyota SUV Models website for the latest comprehensive information.

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Q: Will the 2023 Land Cruiser be sold in the USA?

A: The Land Cruiser nameplate will return to America for the 2024 model year. Automotive News reports that the vehicle could arrive as early as 2024. If the vehicle is scheduled to arrive in 2024, we can expect a reveal as late as late 2023.

Q: Will Toyota make a Land Cruiser in 2023?

A: Prices and specifications for the 2023 Toyota Landcruiser. Prices for the 2023 Toyota Landcruiser range from $89,181 for the base trim level Landcruiser SUV LC300 GX (4X4). The 2023 Toyota Landcruiser comes as an SUV. The 2023 Toyota Landcruiser is available in Diesel.

Q: Is the Toyota Land Cruiser coming back to the US?

A: The rugged, go-anywhere Toyota Land Cruiser is coming back to the American market after a short hiatus. The brand confirmed the return of the storied nameplate in a short video posted on its social media channels, but the next Land Cruiser sold here may be smaller than the last.