2023 Toyota Supra: New Toyota Supra Review, Specs and Price

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2023 Toyota Supra After a two-decade hiatus, the iconic Supra nameplate returns to Toyota’s lineup in 2019 as a sports coupe co-developed with BMW. The so-called GR Supra (“GR” stands for Gazoo Racing) is the fifth generation of the sports car and will be in its fourth model year when the 2023s roll around.

Since its reappearance, Toyota has increased engine output, added a second powertrain, and developed new trim levels.

But with a fierce new rival in the next-generation Nissan Z, Toyota will have to do more than that to stay ahead. Look for new powertrain options, more suspension tuning, and maybe even a manual gearbox on the 2023 Supra.

In the basic goal of building a fun-to-drive sports car, Toyota nailed it (again) with the GR Supra. 2020 Launch Edition models with a BMW-developed inline-six powertrain as fast as 60 mph from a standstill like the 2018 V-8-powered Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody and Ford Mustang GT.

It also hit 70 mph in 5.1 seconds which is the same as it took the 1997 Supra Turbo to hit 60.

2023 Toyota Supra Review

Toyota has since unlocked more power from the engine (but no more than 0-60-mph speeds), added a base turbo-four powertrain, and improved steering turn-in since the debut of the current generation. Braking is predictable, with pedals strong and largely non-fading, but the tail of the car becomes light when high speed is controlled.

2023 Toyota Supra

Dynamically, the current Supra’s biggest weakness is its handling. It tends to oversteer and exhibits more body roll than you would expect from a performance engine.

Toyota has tried to address these issues with greater chassis rigidity, new damper tuning, and a revised program for the car’s adaptive variable suspension.

But the rear rebound damping needs to be revised further to better handle choppy roads. The cabin of the Mk V Supra is also tighter than the interior of the Mk IV.

That said, if you’re in the market for a worthwhile rear-drive sports car with enough power to frighten you on occasion, the GR Supra might be for you.

New Toyota Supra 2023

The reborn Toyota Supra has always felt like an olive branch to fans, and that may be more true after next year.

It appears that a manual gearbox will be an option on the Japanese auto giant’s beloved sports car, starting with the 2023 model year, according to The Drive. If the rumbling turns out to be true, the Supra could be the vehicle for puritan driving.

An unnamed source who attended the automaker’s product preview event for dealerships last year in Las Vegas told the website that one of the vehicles on display was a prototype Supra equipped with a shift stick.

While this contradicts a 2018 statement from Toyota chief engineer Tatsuya Tada—he said the Supra would feel “worse” with a manual—it corroborates a report from Japanese magazine CarSensor in November (via Motor1.com) that the brand is about to start. offers a six-speed manual as an alternative to the current eight-speed automatic.

Even without a manual, the new Supra introduced back in 2019, is an impressive sports car. The top-range coupé version, the A91-CF Edition, is equipped with a BMW-sourced 3.0-liter inline-six engine that pumps out 382 horses and revs of 368 ft-lbs with a 6,500 rpm redline.

Aside from all the manual speculation, there’s also a growing belief that the brand will introduce a GRMN model with a BMW S58 engine, according to Motor1.com. That mill, which can be found on the M3 and M4, can make 503 hp and 478 ft-lbs of torque.

That’s all interesting information, but we’ll have to wait to see if it’s true. A Toyota representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Robb Report on Thursday afternoon.

Stick shift may seem to be on its last legs, but it’s not dead yet. Despite appearing in an increasingly smaller number of vehicles sold each year, manual gearboxes continue to be a feature in more fan-friendly vehicles from brands such as Porsche (911 Carrera S) and BMW (M4). Time will tell if Toyota will be added to that list.

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2023 Toyota Supra GRM

The first rumors about the GR Supra getting a very powerful top-of-the-range version are almost as old as the fifth-generation sports car itself, but so far nothing has turned out to be true.

Proved or not, the rumors are starting to heat up again, and almost all of them point to a limited edition Supra called the GRMN (Gazoo Racing Masters of the Nürburgring), which will also signal the swan song model.

Take it all with a pinch of salt, but all the details make a bit of sense, though it all depends on how BMW can be convinced to lend the most powerful straight-six engine ever for this project.

As you all know, the fifth-generation Toyota Supra is the technical twin of the latest BMW Z4 G29, despite having a bespoke Toyota coupe and body design instead of a roadster like its German brethren.

Both the Z4 and Supra are built on the same production line by Magna Steyr in Austria and feature identical power generation, suspension, infotainment systems; you name it.

The fact that the current Z4 doesn’t have an M version at the moment is prime proof that a Supra with a BMW M3/M4 engine isn’t going to happen, but apparently, that will change in the next few years too.

According to the latest rumors, the ‘bad’ BMW S58 straight-six versions of the M3 and M4 will find their way in the Z4 and special edition Toyota Supra.

Essentially a version of the high-performance twin-turbocharged B58 engine already available in the Supra 3.0, the S58’s current straight-six mill engine only powers the BMW X3 M and X4 M, and the recently launched M3 and M4. produces 480 PS (473 bhp) in the regular version and 510 PS (503 hp) and 659 Nm (479 lb-ft) of torque in the Competition model.

BMW M’s chief honcho was persuaded to include twin-turbo factories in both the M Z4 G29 and Supra GRMN versions by none other than Toyota’s Tetsuya Tada, also known as the Mr 86.

The only way the business case for both models would be convincing is if they were treated not like the traditional halo models but limited production versions that could ask for more money for their exclusivity, not necessarily for their performance.

Neither the current Z4 nor the Supra is a big seller, so the super-expensive limited-edition versions of both models should only make them more desirable for both collectors and performance-seekers alike.

While the Z4 M will be launched first, the Supra GRMN will be launched towards the end of the last generation Supra powered by an internal combustion engine.

Think of it as a 500+ horsepower swan song with a starting price that would be close to the $100,000 threshold.

2023 Toyota Supra Targa

Toyota then took the car to one of their repair shops in Fort Worth, Texas, and cut the roof off. Then Toyota’s North America Research and Development Division Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan came up with a 3-Dimensional printed roof panel.

Be the Toyota Supra Heritage Edition with a Targa roof that can be removed and installed at will. The roof can be stored neatly in the trunk.

Because it no longer has a roof, to support the safety factor, Toyota has strengthened the frame and body structure near the roof. To make it look more aggressive, 19-inch HRE wheels are attached, wrapped in Toyo Proxes tires. The brakes are replaced with Brembo.

The 3.0-liter turbocharged 6-cylinder engine donated by BMW is a new source of power.

This engine produces 382 hp of power and 499 Nm of peak torque. This new engine has 47 hp more powerful performance with an increase of 4 Nm of torque compared to the previous engine. According to claims, the more powerful Supra is capable of accelerating from rest to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds.

Although it has a more violent performance and a more aggressive appearance, according to Toyota, this car is not as brutal as the Toyota Supra Heritage Edition. For example, the turbo is not modified. But the dual exhaust in the center of the rear diffuser remains.

This car should indeed be sold and displayed at Toyota dealers around the world. Unfortunately, until now Toyota has not planned to produce this car.

There is no other more perfect way to hear the roar of the exhaust behind from the top of this open-topped Toyota Supra. Hopefully, Toyota will listen to input from its many fans around the world.

2023 Toyota Supra Specs

Toyota is yet to offer a fifth-generation Supra, referred to as the GR Supra, with a manual transmission. While an engine sourced from BMW under the hood can be had with a manual transmission in the German brand’s range, the Japanese manufacturer offers nothing of the sort.

2023 Toyota Supra

Last summer, BMW canceled the Z4 in Australia after selling only two units in two years, which is a clear indication of real demand regardless of what people say on the internet.

Rumors about a manual version of the Toyota Supra have resurfaced, and this time Toyota claims to have greened the manual option.

Previous rumors on the subject claimed that only the four-cylinder Supra, which was released later than its six-cylinder sibling, would get a manual transmission as an option.

That makes sense since BMW only offers the manual in the Z4 range, which is the GR Supra platform sibling, with the sDrive20i variant.

The 194 horsepower four-cylinder motor produces 320 Nm of torque and a 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) time of 6.8 seconds, which is two tenths slower than the automatic version.

The latter is also better at fuel economy, but no one buys that model with that in mind. It’s easy to understand why it doesn’t work.

This time, a source within Toyota’s US dealer network claims that the manual version of the GR Supra is “confirmed”, and “could debut this year.” These sources have contacted The Drive to share this information, along with the fact that the top brass at the Toyota company has allegedly decided to offer a manual on the six-cylinder Supra.

That version may come with a different engine, but that’s unconfirmed. Other sources claim that chief engineer Tetsuya Tada insists on a manual for the Supra, but that’s also unconfirmed at this point.

A Toyota representative has yet to comment on the rumors regarding the A90 Supra manual transmission, which many companies would do in this situation. Rumors are often left without comment, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The same company insider also claims that select Toyota dealers are holding a meeting in Las Vegas in late 2021 that includes a display of a prototype Supra with a manual transmission. That’s also unconfirmed, but the company always makes prototypes, although not all of them end up being made.

Our opinion on the rumors? Don’t hold your breath. If it happens, it happens. Otherwise, nothing will change.

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2023 Toyota Supra Manual Transmission

2023 Toyota Supra Manual The current generation Toyota Supra has become a bewildering and jumbled collection of excitement, irritation, and frustration. BMW’s over-exaggeration has disappointed many Toyota fans while offering only automatic transmissions has annoyed all sports car enthusiasts.

Well, I hope this news will be a balm for all parties promoted by the Toyota Supra; A new report claims the Toyota Supra may get a manual transmission. And it will happen this year.

Not yet. But, if the rumors and unnamed Toyota sources who spoke to The Drive are true, then it will.

According to The Drive, the information about the six-speed Supra comes from the same source that confirmed the GR Corolla manual hot hatch rumors. Supposedly, the hot Corolla was shown at a dealer product show in Vegas a few months ago. Sitting next to the Corolla is said to be a prototype six-speed Toyota Supra.

The source did not provide any other details about the Supra except that they think it will be out later this year. Possible. However, other reports support the former, saying that a manual transmission was originally planned for the base 2.0-liter model but will now be exclusive to the flagship 3.0-liter Supra.

Most people expect these welcome new changes to apply to the 2023 model year. Drive thinks this might signal the hotter new GRMN trim, the 3.0-liter S58 inline-six from the BMW M3. If that assumption is correct, chances are the hottest Toyota Supra 2023 will produce 503 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque.

Very few car manufacturers still offer manual transmissions. The numbers get smaller if you just look at sports cars. Although there are still a few left, such as the Mazda Miata, Subaru BRZ, and Honda Civic Type R. There are a few others, but not many.

The Toyota Supra getting the manual transmission right could once again trigger other automakers to do the same. If more sports cars start offering manuals, and people buy them, then maybe we have a chance not to lose the manual transmission forever.

The news about the GR Corolla also strengthens the chances of this actually happening and hopefully sticking out. The GR Corolla will bring manual transmissions back to sleeper sports cars, which could have big implications on the car enthusiast scene, who had to take a big step back to the ’90s to find a third pedal.

As we know, the auto market is changing faster and crazier than it has been since Henry Ford got involved. The market will change. The product will reflect that market.

Having said that, we don’t have to worry too much about features like the manual transmission getting lost completely. As long as there is money to make, products will exist.

2023 Toyota Supra Engine

Among the rumors circulating a future GR Supra is one that suggests it and the platform-sharing BMW Z4 roadster could get a higher-performance powertrain than the two currently available to them.

The standard 255-horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four base engine and the available 382-hp 3.0-liter turbo inline-six upgrade will be complemented by a version of the twin-turbo S58 engine found in the M3 sedan and M4 coupe. The inline-six is a hotter version of the six-cylinder B58 Supra and Z4 and makes a commendable 503 hp.

Further speculation saw the GR Supra add an option for a manual gearbox. Currently, the Supra is offered only with an eight-speed paddle-shifted automatic transmission. If the S58 or stick shift comes along, we expect the Supra to stick with rear-wheel drive. We also think that if we got the turbo-six from the M car, it would likely be available in very limited quantities with a hefty price tag.

Toyota Supra MK5 2023

Another potential scenario is Toyota retiring this Supra generation after the 2023 model year. Previous Supra offerings had an average life span of just about five years, and Toyota’s 2021 sports car model is one of the brand’s lowest volume sellers, beating only the giant Land Cruiser SUV in the lineup. 2021.

We take that intimacy with a grain of salt. This generation is only four years old, and while Toyota may not be moving many GR Supra cars, Toyota has managed to sell more of them every year since the model returned in 2019. First-year shipments hit just under 3,000 units, and 2021 is on track. to more than double that. Pulling the plug on a sports car at this point seems too early.

2023 Toyota Supra Price

The base 2021 Toyota Supra, the Supra 2.0, starts at $43,090. So, it costs roughly as much as the 2023 Z. However, the 2021 Supra 3.0 starts at $51,090. The sportier Supra 3.0 Premium is even more expensive at $54,590. And there’s an even more expensive A91-CF trim to come for 2022. But since it’s a limited edition trim, something the Nissan Z will also offer, it’s not worth the price.

Regardless, the Nissan Z 2023 appears to be a bit cheaper than the base 2021 Toyota Supra 2.0. And it’s noticeably cheaper than the Supra 3.0.