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2022 Toyota Tacoma: Everything We Know So Far

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2022 Toyota Tacoma next year Toyota will come with rear drum brakes not one of those reasons, but the record of reliability and resale value supports Taco more than all competitors.

Toyota has a comfortable advantage over the Big Three in Detroit and other rivals so that Tacoma is also one of the more expensive trucks in the segment for $ 26,050 excluding destination costs.

Even premium-oriented GMC Canyon doesn’t cost much, but Toyota wants to make Taco more profitable in terms of production costs.

2022 toyota tacoma, toyota tacoma 2023, 2022 toyota tundra, 2022 toyota sequoia, 2024 toyota tacoma, 2021 toyota tacoma,

To achieve this goal, Toyota Texas will end production of Tacoma in late 2021 to welcome the new Sequoia in 2022 and additional output for a full-size Tundra pickup.

As a result of this decision, Taco moved to Mexico. Donald Trump was unhappy when Toyota tried to do the same thing with Corolla in 2017, and finally, the company had changed its plans to produce Corolla in a jointly operated factory in Alabama.

The change was changed once again, sending Corollas to Mississippi and crossovers to Alabama at the production plant where Mazda will also make crossovers.

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In a press release about the $ 1.3 billion Toyota Indiana modernization project, the automaker made a statement that seemed contradictory.

Last time we checked, most of Tacoma was sold in the United States. A little further south in Mexico, Nissan Navara is the king of the hill with a reasonable margin for the Toyota Hilux and the Ram 700 engineered badge.

This being said, let’s look at the bright side of this situation. By reducing production costs with cheaper labor, Toyota can fulfill its promise to invest $ 13 billion in US operations until 2021.

Oh, and by the way, the next Taco will be worth the wait considering it will share the F1 platform with the all-new Tundra pickup truck.

2022 Toyota Tacoma Engine

2022 toyota tacoma, toyota tacoma 2023, 2022 toyota tundra, 2022 toyota sequoia, 2024 toyota tacoma, 2021 toyota tacoma,

According to sources, it seems like rumors about the new Toyota Tundra and Tacoma using turbo could be legitimate.

Indeed, they are two very different power plants. Toyota hasn’t confirmed all this, so please take this information with a grain of salt.

Sources say that the Toyota Tacoma can add a turbocharged four-cylinder engine to the mix. This could be the answer for the new, more powerful Frontier V6.

Toyota does have a 2-liter turbocharged engine that emits 241 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque in its inventory. Maybe, raising the output to 300+ hp is possible.

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This implies that Hilux and Tacoma can be based on the same platform shortly too.

Some sources say that they may be a platform (frame) that can be configured by many people in the future.

The next truck platform, many of which call the TNGA-F platform might be modular. This high-tech platform might be very customizable.

It can sustain almost every “truck” Toyota makes for our market. Yes, that could include 4Runner, Sequoia (which may have a new version in 2022 and/or ’23). It could even be a Land Cruiser in the future too.

2022 Toyota Tacoma Price and Release Date

The price issue is that we cannot yet know for sure the official release date for 2022 Tacoma, but based on the schedules of previous years, we expect the debut of 2021 by the end of the summer.

Prices are also unknown at this time, but in the absence of changes, we estimate no significant change from the current MSRP $ 28,170 range to $ 48,785 MSRP (including destination costs).